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Emmett Catahoulas - What crazy good dogs they are! Our Emmett came from Patsy's last litter. We were considering a female puppy but when I held our little Emmett at six weeks old - it was a done deal! He has been my buddy, protector, and sidekick ever since. I have owned a number of breeds throughout my lifetime - nothing compares to a Catahoula. I will admit they are not for everyone as they require training, dedicated time and a lot of activity. Emmett is highly intelligent - the training facility we work with calls him Crazy Smart. He learns new tricks or commands very quickly then is eager to learn more. There is no end to what is possible. He is highly scent driven. Scent games are some of our favorites. He is high energy and loves his mama (me) fiercely. He is a wonderful protector of me and our home. He barks and warns, but never attacks. He is very alert and nothing gets past him. He is a gorgeous specimen of a Catahoula - Our vet agrees that he is the poster dog for a blue leopard. Although he is very handsome. he is equally goofy. He gets very strange when things are out of place and notices everything. He is obsessed with his favorite toys and going to the 17- acre dog park near our home. He has never met a dog he didn't like. He tends to favor ladies and allows them to love on him but is cautious with men, usually ignoring them or walking away. He greets me every morning for belly scratches and ear rubs, then he's off to patrol the house. We leave the blinds up about six inches so he can inspect his yard for intruders. We live in the country so often have bunnies and deer in the yard. He loves to howl when speaking with neighboring dogs and talks a blue streak (growls, grumbles, whines - anything goes) to tell us about his day. Funny, he always has to have the last word. My buddy goes with me to work and to run errands. He rides shotgun like a boss! He is the most joyous addition to our family. Becky D.
Chita Chita has been to 48 states, swan in Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf, 3 of the Great Lakes and numerous rivers and lakes from coast to coast and Alaska. She gets along with everyone. She was super easy to house break and lease (including off-leash) training was easy. She is a previous girl who responds to verbal praise more than treats. She is a great traveler, as you can tell, even in the back seat of an off-road vehicle. Loves to hike and stays right with me off leash. Plays well with others - people or dogs, although a bit shy until she gets to know them. She is definitely a mama's girl. No aggressive tendencies. She weighs 60lbs and is 18" from floor to collar. Beautiful eyes and is very expressive personality. Love her!!!!!
  • 2016 | Eastern Colorado Catahoula